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More and more of us are going online. Not everyone knows exactly what they need, particularly if they are new to computing, like many of the seniors generation. These so-called ‘silver surfers’ need support and advice from a trusted, friendly professional like the Andy Robinson IT Consultancy.

There are so many good reasons to have a computer and use the internet these days. You may want to keep up with what friends or family are doing through social media – Facebook and Twitter, Windows Live and Flickr. Or talk to people all over the world with Skype. You may want to take advantage of online shopping – lower prices and everything you buy delivered to your door or simply get the best online deals for utilities, banking and insurance.

At the cutting edge of the technology, you may want the ultimate in gaming or internet entertainment – power, graphics and sound so real, it’s like you were really there.

Andy Robinson provides:

shield Security

You will expect any computer professional you employ to come into your home and work with you and your family. Andy Robinson offers complete integrity and has an up to date Criminal Records Bureau clearance (CRB check), so you can rest assured that you are in trustworthy hands.

computer PC / Laptop buying advice

The marketplace is crowded with hardware and software options. Andy Robinson will guide you through the maze so you obtain the correct equipment for your needs at the best possible price.

While there are some very good deals to be had on the High Street or over the internet, much ‘off the shelf’ equipment is over-specified for the needs of most users. The result is that you pay for features you will never use. Andy Robinson IT Consultancy can build a computer from scratch to suit the precise requirements you have.

Contact him for a free and confidential discussion about your desires.

server Bespoke hardware solutions

Even the best manufacturers’ machines are a compromise as they cannot know exactly what each buyer needs from a computer.

If you are into heavy gaming or want to watch movies at the best definition and with the crispest sound, Andy Robinson will build a computer to your precise specification. Contact him for a no obligation discussion of the best technology around today.

configuration PC / Laptop set up and installation

Whether you buy a computer from one of the main manufacturers or have one purpose-built, Andy Robinson will set it up and install all the software you need to get you up and running fast.

He can also set up all your peripherals – scanners, printers, disk drives and other technologies you are using alongside the computer.

print Peripheral set up and installation

Andy Robinson will install all computer peripherals you have purchased to make your computer work as effectively as it can. These may include a scanner, printer, data back up devices, external disk drives, TV monitors or sound systems. Whatever the requirement, Andy Robinson IT Consultancy will provide the answer.

light Internet / broadband advice and set up

Most people want a new computer to speed up their access to the internet and the information and entertainment it offers. However, with so many internet providers and such complex cost models, it is often difficult to know which one to choose. “Will I really need 20MB/s even if I can get it?” is just one of the questions Andy often gets asked.

Andy Robinson offers impartial advice as to the most reliable and cost- effective internet options for your particular circumstances.

He also installs the systems you adopt, sets up your passwords and security features to ensure you have all you need to stay online safely.

network-pc Home networking

If you are running a business from home or have a family, you may well have more than one computer. While many families operate perfectly well with separate PCs, for some a home network is a much better solution. This means all computers are linked and can share files, broadband connections, printers and other peripherals. It also means that parents can keep an eye on what the children are viewing if they so wish, just to be on the safe side.

Andy Robinson can configure and set up a variety of home networks to suit the customer. These may be

email Software training

The best hardware and software in the world is no use if the customer does not know how to use it.

Andy Robinson IT Consultancy offers face-to-face computer training in your own home to customers anywhere in Hampshire.

All major e-mail programmes, internet browsers, Skype and both Open and Microsoft Office applications are covered in the training, which will be designed around the customer’s own choice of programmes.