home worker

For Home Workers…

You’ve made the decision to work from home, but you may be doubling up on the dining room table or working in a distinct study. Increasingly, many clients operate from a separate office built in the garden or similar outbuilding.

Whatever your particular solution, Andy Robinson IT Consultancy offers a range of support services to make your home office function smoothly and with minimal disruption to the rest of your family.

Andy Robinson provides:

shield Safety

Andy Robinson recognises that home workers can feel particularly vulnerable. He has a Criminal Records Bureau clearance (CRB check) as an added reassurance to you and your family.

computer PC / Laptop specification and buying advice

The marketplace is crowded with hardware and software options. Andy Robinson will guide you through the maze so you obtain the correct equipment for your needs at the best possible price.

Whether you need one laptop or a suite of networked PCs, Andy Robinson IT Consultancy knows the system that will make your business shine.

configuration PC / Laptop / Network set-up and support

Andy Robinson will install and configure your PCs and networks – whether wired, wireless or plugged through to a separate office using the power cables. The company also supports a wide range of business networks, using remote troubleshooting and system control to keep your systems running as efficiently as possible.

connections Internet / broadband advice and set-up

For many home workers, the High Street broadband offers look attractive, but are they the right solution for your business?

Andy Robinson offers impartial advice as to the most reliable and cost-effective internet options for your particular circumstances.

He also installs the systems you adopt to ensure you have all you need to stay online.

padlock Data backup and IT security

IT backup and security is vital. Research shows that 75% of companies who lose their data go bust.

Andy Robinson will supply the right equipment and training to ensure your systems do not get hacked and are protected from viruses, Trojans, spam and other nasties.

Most importantly, he will install the right back up systems to allow you to save and store your data offsite and out of harm’s way on a regular basis. Daily backups are advised for some companies, weekly will suffice for most.

Experience shows that back ups are only as good as the human implementing them. And memories are often defective. Therefore, Andy Robinson will specify the correct specialist software and hardware you need to build an automated back-up system that ensures you and your colleagues never forget to undertake this all-important task.

globe Web development for home workers

Andy Robinson develops and programmes websites and intranets which deliver clear data entry and analysis. This provides real value to his clients. For simpler websites and digital marketing, Andy Robinson will recommend appropriate web design partners who will suit your requirements.